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A question that I have heard being asked lately is: "When is a good time of the year to begin waxing?" The answer may come as a surprise to some.

Any time is a good time to wax, but, fall / winter is the best time to begin a waxing series.

What are the benefits from starting then?

If you wait until spring / summer to begin, some clients may not be able to stand the feel or the sight of the hair in between waxing sessions, and end up shaving frequently. This defeats the purpose of waving, and you might end up feeling like you wasted your time and money, and could result in a bad experience with "the process."

When you begin waxing in the fall / winter, you stay in sync with the hair growth pattern. What this means is, if you are an occasional waxer, the results last only about 2 weeks, but if you wax every 2 weeks for 2-3 months, you will catch the hair growth right when it's long enough to wax.

Then, come spring, you'll be able to space your waxing out to about a month apart, just in time to start wearing those short skirts and bikinis!

Another reason to start in the fall / winter is the climate in the Sierras. With a climate that leaves our skin especially dry, waxing will help you keep up with the much needed exfoliation of dead skin cells, reminds us to stay moisturized, and keeps our skin supple and hydrated year-round.

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